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Doctoral Students and Thesis

Former Students and Thesis

  1. Adam Borison, "Optimal Electric Utility Generation Expansion Under Uncertainty", 1982
  2. Avshalom Horan-Hecker, "Air Defense Strategies by Differential Games", 1982
  3. Stephen Powell, "The Transition to Nondepletable Energy", 1983
  4. Anirudh Dhebar, "Dynamic Nonlinear Pricing in Markets with Positive Demand Externalities", 1983
  5. Robert Phillips, "Solving Generalized Equilibrium Models", 1985
  6. Rick Schwartz, "The Adoption and Diffusion of Technical Innovation", 1985
  7. Kyung Keun Lee, "Inventory Management by Nonlinear Order Quantity Pricing", 1987
  8. Joseph Doucet, "Differential Pricing of Electricity Through Interruption Insurance", 1988
  9. David Wood, " A Study of Multiplicative Strategy Equilibia in Second-Price Multi-component Auctions", 1989
  10. Jo Kyung Min, "Pricing Delivery and Spec. Level of Custom Semiconductor Chips", 1989
  11. David Braden, "Nonlinear Pricing to Reduce Demand Uncertainty", 1989
  12. Todd Strauss, "Interruptible Electricity Tariffs with Early Notification", 1992
  13. Alva Svoboda, "Simulation of Dispatchable Demand-side Management in Electric Power System Operation Planning", 1992
  14. Eric Friedman, "Topics in Coordination and Decentralization", 1993
  15. James Bushnell, "Multi-Dimensional Revelation in Auctions for Electric Power Supply", 1993
  16. Armando Ugarte, "Coordination Mechanisms for High-Tech Manufacturing Organizations " ,1995
  17. Chung-Li Tseng, "On Power System Generation Unit Commitment Problems", 1996
  18. Wedad Elmaghraby, "Multi-unit Auctions for Electric Power with Nonconvex Costs", 1998
  19. Shijie Deng, " Financial Methods in Deregulated Electricity Markets ", 1999
  20. Ami Beth Craft, "Market Structure and Capacity Expansion in an Unbundled Electric Power Industry" (Co-chaired), 1999
  21. Ami Wilson, "The Multiple Intervention Problem: An Application to Preventing Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Injection Drug Users", 2000
  22. Rajnish Kamat, “Market Mechanisms in Deregulated Electricity Markets”, 2001
  23. Afzal Siddiqui, “Equilibrium Analysis of Spot and Forward Markets for Energy and Reserves”, 2002
  24. Enzo E. Sauma, “Investment Incentives in the U.S. Electricity Transmission System”, 2005
  25. Jian Yao, “Cournot Equilibrium in Two-settlement Electricity Markets: Formulation and Computation”, 2006
  26. Yumi Oum, “Managing Volumetric Risk in Electricity Procurement”, 2006
  27. Ramteen Sioshansi, “Design and Analysis of Electricity Markets”, 2007
  28. Yongheon Lee, “An Equilibrium Pricing Model for Weather Derivatives”, 2008
  29. Kory Hedman, “ Flexible Transmission in the Smart Grid”, 2010
  30. Anthony Papavasiliou, “Coupling Renewable Energy Supply with Deferrable Demand”, 2011
  31. Tanachai Limpaitoon, “Cap-and-Trade Modeling and Analysis: Congested Electricity Market Equilibrium”, 2012
  32. Ruoyang Li, “Topics in Electricity Market Design”, 2014
  33. Chen Chen, “Branch-and-Cut for Nonlinear Power Systems Problems ”, 2015
  34. Paula Lipka, “Improving the Energy Market: Algorithms, Market Implications, and Transmission Switching ”, 2015
  35. Clay Campaign, “On Demand Response in Electricity Markets ”, 2016
  36. Jiaying Shi, “Flexible Transmission Networks for Renewables Integration ”, 2018
  37. Zhu Yang, “Fast Algorithms for Transmission Switching with High Performance Computing ”, 2018
  38. Georgios Patsakis, “Enhancing Power System Resilience through Computational Optimization ”, 2020


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With Former Students at Retirement Party
Wedad Elmaghraby and Ami Wilson at Retirement Party
Shijie Deng at Retirement Party
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